Contract law

Each financial year sees numerous contracts entered into that will affect the economic situation of enterprises. The scope and legal consequences of contracts are often of particular importance for the success of a business.

We advise you on the drafting and checking of enterprise-relevant contracts, for example:

  • Advice on company transactions (mergers, demergers and contributions), in particular advice on the definition of M&A strategies (sell-side/buy-side) and on the structuring of transactions with the relevant due diligence
  • Selection of potential buyers/vendors
  • Purchase, sale, exchange and donation of stakes in a company
  • Purchase, sale, leasing and donation of enterprises
  • Purchase and donation contracts for real estate
  • Contractor work contracts
  • Sales contracts (e.g. franchising, licence rights, etc.) and commercial agency contracts
  • Accumulation of family assets and setting up trusts

The security of the right partner